A marketing communication agency which specializes in integrated projects combining offline actions with online ones. Our experts know all the ins and outs on how to reach potential customer, increase sales of products and services, improve visibility of your brand or change its image. What they do is designing tailor-made branding, advertising and sales campaigns that successfully achieve business objectives in a number of communication channels simultaneously.

Scope of Activities

  1. communication strategies
  2. branding
  3. web design
  4. advertising campaigns
  5. omnichannel
  6. public relations and community building in Social Media

In 2014 we gained 50 new customers in 21 different industries. A significant number of them opted for permanent service which speaks for our professionalism. We have sent more than 2 000 mailings to millions of customers, we have done more than 8 000 display formats reporting billions of displays.

We have reached out to 35 countries in 30 languages. Our interdisciplinary team is ready to embrace any challenge that appears.